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Pediatric Ophthalmology

This department deals with special vision care needs of young patients. At Ishan Netralaya, we provide treatment for a multitude of children’s ophthalmologist problems. Our core team comprises of some of the best pediatric ophthalmologists eye surgeon in Maharashtra.

We care for your Child

  • Glass number – About 20-30% of the normal school going children have some kind of eye problems like Refractive Error (glass numbers).
  • Amblyopia or Lazy Eye – Amblyopia also called as lazy eye disorder of sight which results in decreased vision in an child’s eye that otherwise appears normal, or out of proportion to associated structural problems of the eye.
  • Squint – It is a condition in which the two eyes point in different directions. One eye may turn either in, or out while the other eye aims straight ahead. Due to this condition, both eyes do not always aim simultaneously at the same object. This results in a partial or total loss of stereo vision and binocular depth perception. The eye turns may be visible at all times or may come and go. In some cases, the eye misalignments are not obvious to the untrained observer.

We recommend that preschool children receive a complete eye examination at the age of five years or earlier if any problem is noticed.

Observe your Child

  • Do they hold object very close to their eyes?
  • If you see them Excessively rubbing their eyes, blink or squint after close visual work?
  • Do they off and on complain of headaches after reading?
  • Becomes tired after reading?
  • Do they complained for having difficulty in comprehending what they have read?
  • Complain of headaches or eyestrain?
  • Have red or watery eyes (which could also be a sign of allergies).
  • Have you observed their eye that turns in or out?
  • Complaints of blurred vision with schoolwork or reading?

If you observe anyone or more than one of the above complaint in your child then it is highly recommended to undergo eye checkup and post diagnosis if a child accepts glass numbers then every 6-monthly eye examination is recommended till their glass number stabilizes and then once every month.