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Eyes are perhaps the most precious gift of God. Of all the senses, the sense of sight allows us to see, observe and imagine the great canvas of life and nature, and defines the world around us.

Ailments of the eyes, if unattended, can seriously disturb our day to day life and functioning, especially in middle and old ages.

Ishan Netralay has been established to address all common eye problems and serious eye ailments by highly trained and skilled eye care professionals and experts from the field of ophthalmology.

With a view to provide affordable, and yet, best-in-class eye care services and solutions to every individual, Ishan Netralay offers honest clinical opinion, a wide range of diagnostic services, and comprehensive non-invasive treatment and surgical facilities, with the aid of the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipments.

“Bringing Light to Life” is the visionary guiding principle at Ishan Netralay that constantly drives us to push forward in our effort to provide best eye care assistance and services to every individual—irrespective of their reach, social or financial status.

We have established our first center at Agra, the city of Taj in UP, India, and aim to spread our footprint across the country with more specialty and super-specialty eye care centers to cater to every patient and to “Bring Light to Life” for every individual.